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Boulder, Colorado

Boulder, Colorado

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Sol-ti | CBD+ Tea - Peach Lemon


12 Glass Bottles (12.5 fl oz per bottle)

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Peach Lemon CBD+ Tea

Peach Lemon CBD+ Tea contains organic pressed lemon with cold brew Peach Rooibos tea and 18mg of CBD+.

Cold brewing the Peach Rooibos tea with reverse osmosis water ensures maximum polyphenol count, for a smoother taste & less acidity.

CBD has been shown to promote homeostasis which can aid in relieving tension while calming the body and mind.

Sol-ti products use Hemp Isolate, which contains 0.0% THC and 100% (isolated industrial hemp, without other cannabinoids present).


Hemp CBD+

Promotes homeostasis, calming, relieves tension

Organic Peach Rooibos Tea

Caffeine free, refreshing and incredible flavor

Organic Lemon

Alkalizing, Cleansing,Purifying

 Reverse Osmosis H2O

Pure, Clean Water, Chlorine & Fluoride Free, No Metals or Chemicals



Perishable, Keep Refrigerated.

Sol-ti | CBD+ Tea - Peach Lemon

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